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Pagerank explained by Matt Cutts

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Pagerank explainedMatt Cutts has recently written an interesting new article on how Pagerank works in Google. There is no question that link analysis has gone through extensive changes since the original introduction of Pagerank by the Google founders and it’s refreshing to see the head of the webspam team weigh in on how things work. I’ve posted a link to the original article, but I’ll comment on the most interesting parts. Basically, Matt explains page rank as a flow of points from one page to the next which are equally divided among outgoing links. If a page has accumulated 50 points from external sites and there are two outbound links, then those two outbound links will get 25 points. Then, he continues to explain that nofollow links do not pass pagerank. This is not new. What IS new Matt’s introduction of a “decay” concept.

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