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The captain will provide historic

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

The captain will provide historic commentary on the unique sights and sounds of the Missouri River. Cruise highlights include the Omaha Riverfront, Freedom Park Naval Yard and cruising under the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Participants can enjoy hot foods and beverages available for purchase onboard.

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Poner la cola de caballo

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Poner la cola de caballo en agua en coccin a fuego lento para obtener una decoccin (tisana concentrada). La cola de caballo se encuentra en humedales, jardines, terrenos baldos, bosques? pero tambin se puede comprar en herboristeras. Inmediatamente, aplique sobre el pecho todas las hojas, colocadas unas sobre otras.

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Both the June 2011

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Oh, it gets better. pandora rings Both the June 2011 incident and the most recent one, in which he was secretly filmed talking to someone he believed was a prostitute, involved transgender women. That fact bred a homophobic undercurrent in conversation about the controversy.

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Laub’s already working with a crusher

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Laub’s already working with a crusher in Carrington, who will press the seeds for oil and grind the remaining seed into hemp flour. He figures about 35 percent of the seed will be reduced to oil, sought after for soaps and lotions. The flour is so protein dense it can be substituted, gram per gram, for red meat protein, he said.

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30 to national tourney for Eagles

Friday, December 10th, 2010

NNMC’s Rodney Coles signs a ball during a “Selection Wednesday” get together when the NAIA D II Tourney bracket was revealed. From far left are Matthew Brito and Christian Barraza. (Courtesy of John T. Denne/Northern New Mexico College)

Or maybe it better to start with the 0 30 season of a couple of years ago painful for any college basketball program, but perhaps necessary for growth.

Then there is the promise made and so far kept from coach to player.

For now, the story conclusion is that the Northern New Mexico men basketball team will be playing in the NAIA Division II Tournament next week in Point Lookout, Mo.

How it happened owes to a series of events. Where it headed is anybody guess.

The history

Espaola Northern New Mexico College began life as the Spanish American Normal School at El Rito in 1909. In 2005, it began offering four year degrees, going from a community college to NNMC. In 2008, the school, which has about 1,600 students, added a men basketball program.
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And in 2010, a former McCurdy High School Bobcat named Ryan Cordova took over as coach.

went into my office and there was a desk, a computer and six jerseys on the floor, Cordova remembers. were no basketballs. of Cordova first moves was to get the Eagles a full NAIA affiliation. The association investigated the school academic credentials and basketball viability before granting NNMC a spot among its 133 Division II men basketball programs.

Another issue was finding players. Cordova started by scouring the New Mexico state high school tournament. He wanted to get the best kids, playing on teams gunning for championships.

One of those players he persuaded to join the journey was Rodney Coles, an All State performer on the Espaola Valley state title team of 2011.

told Rodney Coles the first year we would struggle, Cordova says. told him in his sophomore year we would be a better team. And by the time he was a junior, we would be in the national tournament. is a junior this season.

far, I haven broken any promises to Rodney, Cordova says.

Football to hoops

Ryan Cordova was on the football team at Fort Lewis College when he broke his jaw. He decided playing basketball might be safer, so he made the switch.

He ended up serving as an assistant coach, first for the Skyhawks women team, then the men program.

Then he hooked up with the New Mexico Slam, a minor league pro basketball team, working alongside John Whisenant, Marvin Johnson and Rob Robbins.

From there, he went to Gallup High School, taking over a boys program that had won only 10 games in its previous three seasons. In his first year, Cordova Bengals won 10 games. In his third season, he guided the Bengals to their first state tournament game in the Pit in 26 years, where they nearly upset No. 2 Hobbs and Jeffery Taylor.

had great kids at Gallup, Cordova says.

Still, his family construction business in Espaola beckoned and Cordova returned home. He fed his basketball appetite by assisting Richard Martinez at Espaola Valley.

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