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JetsArmy tour

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Love this story from Randy Besharat, who has been described as a Teemu Selanne superfan: “I try to go to down every single year. It’s kind of funny, I have a little bit of history with going down there. My friends kinda razz me. wholesale jerseys For the last five years, I’ve always suspected that Teemu was going to retire and I always wanted to say I’d been to his last game. And for four years or five years we went down and the bugger would never retire.

Then the one year I decided on a whim that I’m not going to try to fly down and watch a Game 7, he loses and it’s his last game in the one year I missed.

Here I am going back after all these years and I’m going to see the jersey raised to the rafters. It’s gonna make me pretty happy to be there for that as well as a couple of thousand other people from Winnipeg that are doing the same.”

by Ted Wyman 1/7/2015 3:54:38 AM

Well, the trip is underway and we’re currently delayed at the Denver airport. Bad news, since it’s supposed to be 27C in Phoenix today and it would nice to get there soon to enjoy it. Have seen a few Jets jerseys on our flights so far as fans make their way down to Phoenix for the start of this road trip. in Anaheim at TJ Schmid’s Brewhouse and Bar across from the Honda Center. Norm is hoping any Jets fans in town for the game will join him there. He has a group reservation.

by Ted Wyman 1/7/2015 6:37:48 PM

It’s Day 2 of the Jets Army Tour in the desert . Didn’t run into as many Jets fans as I expected last night. Was pretty quiet in Glendale . Then again, this place is to Phoenix, what Selkirk is to Winnipeg so it’s hard to expect it to be hopping I’m a Wednesday night when neither the Coyotes or Cardinals are playing. Imagine it gets pretty lively when there are games (especially football). Still, ran into quite a few Jets fans who are making this trip and most said they are doing something like this for the first time especially because of the Teemu Selanne Tribute in Anaheim on Sunday

by Ted Wyman 1/8/2015 4:26:20 PM

Jets coach Paul Maurice talked about the huge amount of fans expected for games this week in Glendale, Los Angeles and Anaheim: “Could be the weather, eh?,” he said. “What was that? About a 50 degree swing yesterday getting off the plane in Phoenix after starting out in Winnipeg? That might have something to do with it. It’s great to have so many fans on the road. I first game of the year here there was a lot of our fans and during spring break here last year there was a huge contingent of fans. It’s great, it really is. You can count them in the national anthem. You know then how big a turnout you get and it’s nice to have that on the road.”

by Ted Wyman 1/8/2015 7:42:22 PM

Jets rookie centre Adam Lowry on having so many fans on the road with the team this week: “I think they’re just trying to escape the cold to be honest (laughing) . https://www.cheapjerseysq675.top It’s always nice. You went on the road for our last game in Minnesota and had tremendous support there and it’s always special to get on the road and have people cheering for you and standing behind you. It kinda takes out there home crowd too when they have to battle with our fans. It’s always nice to have fans on the road.”

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greatest threat may be Canada goose poop

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Canada geese are loud, aggressive and annoying, but worst of all they poop everywhere a messy problem vexing cities across the country trying to keep their parks clean and safe.

and their waste ruin youth sports and picnics, make it unpleasant for the elderly who like to walk in the parks, and the waste gets all over dogs paws, said Annissa Essaibi George, a Boston city councilor who this week introduced a measure to drive the messy pests from the city parks, playgrounds, ballfields, golf courses and waterways.

The poop can make humans sick and pollute waterways, said the first term councilor, a mother of four whose family trips to the park have been ruined by goose poop.

Communities large and small across the nation are dealing with the goose problem, said Paul Curtis, an associate professor of wildlife science and management at Cornell University. canada goose jacket The National Park Service last year hired a contractor to keep Canada geese off the National Mall. The city of Ithaca, New York, home of Cornell, last year launched a goose control project, he said.

Two years ago, after plastic coyotes didn do the trick, frustrated officials in Columbus, Ohio, used laser beams and explosives in efforts to keep geese from fouling the banks of the Olentangy River.

The geese causing the problems were thought to be near extinction not so long ago, so they were protected, and the population grew virtually unchecked, said Curtis, who specializes in human/animal conflict.

They are not the migratory geese seen flying south in a V formation every fall.

The geese that force people to keep their eyes on the ground and dance around little cylinders of poop are called resident geese. They stay year round, tend to be bigger than migratory geese, live longer and have more young. They eat grass voraciously, and each adult can produce a pound or more of feces per day, Curtis said.

They have few predators and are not hunted as much as migratory geese because they tend to gather in urban areas.

Andrew Helger, owner of Arlington, Massachusetts based Southern New England Goose Patrol, is on the front lines of the goose problem.

He and his two border collies have been hired by towns, business parks, apartment complexes and golf courses to get rid of geese. The collies, using their herding instincts, scare the birds away but don harm them.

been doing this seven or eight years now, and every year it gets worse, Helger said.

Essaibi George measure will be discussed at a future meeting of the City Council Committee on Parks and Recreation, where experts and members of the public will get a chance to speak.

She said all humane options are on the table. That could include the use of dogs, bright lights and noisemakers, relocation or egg sterilization. The city parks department already uses an egg sterilization program, but it apparently not enough.

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