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Just a taste of classic Vick could kickstart Jets QB controversy

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

The 34 year old quarterback is not the same dynamic player he was a decade ago. He is not the player who looked like he would change the game, coming out of Virginia Tech. Cheap Jerseys from china But he still is capable of making you shake your head in disbelief with a flick of his left wrist that sends a football 50 yards or a sprint out of the backfield that results in 20 yards.

This is what Geno Smith is up against, beginning Thursday night.

Smith is not just going up against the 2014 version of Vick, but the legend of Vick. It is impossible to watch Vick and not recall the crazy things he could do on a football field when he was at his best.

Smith and Vick have not had a quarterback competition this summer. The job is Smith’s. The Jets may not want to admit that, but their actions make it clear. Smith has received around 75 percent of the first team snaps in training camp. Against the Colts, Smith will start and Vick only will get one series with the starters.

Every stumble, every interception, every terrible throw Smith makes will make people wonder whether the Jets would be better off with Vick under center. When Vick makes you say, “Wow,” the questions will grow louder.

It would be premature to base a quarterback decision on one preseason game when the starters only will play into the second quarter, but now we start keeping score. No more red jerseys. No more shorts. No more passes against air.

Last season when Smith struggled, the Jets had no one to turn to. Mark Sanchez was on injured reserve, and Matt Simms had even less experience than Smith. They stuck with Smith for 16 games basically because they had no choice.

That is why Vick is a Jet. The coaches and front office were encouraged by Smith’s finish to the 2013 season but realized they had to upgrade at backup quarterback. Vick never was brought in here to supplant Smith. He was signed to provide an insurance policy if Smith struggles, and to light a fire under Smith.

“I think that you have Mike Vick come in here, you better be on top of your game,” coach Rex Ryan said. “Obviously, Geno is. Whether he needed Mike Vick to be here or not, I’m not sure. Probably not, because I know Geno wants it in the worst way to be a great quarterback.

What is Smith looking for on Thursday?

“Execution. It’s always about execution,” Smith said. “It’s always about doing the right things on the field. We want to execute to the best of our abilities, be sharp mentally, be sharp physically, be accurate, be smart with the reads, and get good plays in.”

Ryan wants to see some points.

“I want to see some production, too,” Ryan said. “I think we’ll see it.”

Vick has been a good teammate since joining the Jets. He has not made any noise about being relegated to the bench. Vick goes out of his way to support Smith and to help him. http://www.clevelandbrownsjerseys.com There is a much different vibe to this year’s quarterbacks group than last year’s, when tension existed between Smith and Sanchez because they were fighting for the starting job.

“Geno’s working extremely hard to be the best quarterback he can be in this game,” Vick said. “You see guys around the league around his age going out and having success and doing good things for their ballclub. I think he wants to fall right into that echelon.

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