8 Steps To Improve Your Adwords Quality Score

adwords-qualityA high quality score  in Adwords means you will be able to run your pay-per-click campaign cheaper and more effectively than your competitors.
Most people don’t know that Google Adwords will give preference to cheaper ads provided they demonstrate high relevance, excellent clickthrough rate and better overall performance.

8 steps in improving your Adwords Quality Score

1. Use Traffic Estimator for keyword analysis.Traffic Estimator is a great tool which helps to predict keyword performance in terms of CPC bid and positioning. It enables you to filter your initial choices and eliminate keywords which are either too expensive or don’t generate enough clicks. Make sure you are not logged into your Google account when using Traffic Estimator because it may skew the results.
2. Try Opportunities to Improve Option. Though generally skeptical of computer-generated tools offered by Adwords, I was pleasantly surprised with Opportunities to Improve button.It instantly increased the QS for some of the ads. Similar results are not guaranteed but since this tool is free, you have little to lose.

3. Eliminate generic keywords. The more targeted your keywords are, the greater your conversion rate is. Using broad categories for keywords may trigger a lot of clicks, but you have to ask yourself whether these are the clicks you need. For example: People, who type in “search engine optimization”, may be looking for definitions and encyclopedic information. Are they interested in using the actual services? Probably not. As a result, you spend more money for irrelevant clicks. With highly targeted keywords you don’t get as many clicks but you do get more value out of them.
4.Split keywords between ad groups.A commonly made mistake is to staff all relevant keywords into one ad. Instead, split keywords into smaller more targeted groups while maintaining the relevance of the keywords to the actual ad copy.
5. Separate “Good” Keywords from “Bad” Keywords. Keeping the keywords of different value mixed together can negatively impact the QS. After you run your campaign for a while, you will be able to evaluate the performance of each single keyword. Eventually, the keywords which don’t generate enough clicks can be deleted.
6. Experiment with Matching Options. If most of your keywords are broad match, try to add exact match and phrase match keywords to each ad group. Run the ad for a few days and then leave the option with better QS and lower minimum CPC. Although broad match is generally considered the most popular of the three, the exact match tends to be much cheaper.
7. Modify Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions. Adwords is a great test marketing tool. You can use keyword performance analysis to optimize your website. Ex.: Consider adding your best performing keywords to the meta tags or using the exact text from the best performing ad in the meta description.
8. Optimize your Landing Page. Landing Page Optimization is a topic in itself. Google analyzes landing page relevance to determine your site’s ranking in both organic and sponsored search results. In relation to Quality Score, you need to make sure that ads point to a landing page which is relevant to ad copy and the selected keywords. An effective landing page needs to have a compelling copy, good internal navigation and a powerful call to action. If your website doesn’t meet these 3 criteria, you should consider seeking professional search engine optimization help.

Without a creative well-thought out approach, Google Adwords can become a major expense in your advertising budget.  Improving the Quality brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal – convert more clicks into sales while keeping your expenses low.

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  1. Ken Lyons Says:

    Hey, great Quality Score tips.

    Liked it so much, I tweeted it here http://twitter.com/Quality_Score

    You’re right that most people fail to segment into smaller, niche groups with targeted text. Doing that alone can have a dramatic improvement on your Quality Score.


  2. Amber Tanya Says:

    Thanks, Ken.

    I should start tweeting myself. All my friends pull my leg saying Facebook is so yesterday:-)
    Anyway, I am glad you liked the post. I’ve got more to come.


  3. Emo Says:

    I don’t comment often on the posts, but just wanted to congratulate you for this one. Subscribed to your feed!

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  5. cakseatt Says:

    eh. good one

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